Sports not only build character, but they also reveal character. SPORTSMANSHIP can be defined in squash by taking proper consideration for the rules of the game, the ethics surrounding each point and referee’s decision, and ultimately, the true respect for one’s opponent(s). In a sport like squash where players are playing to control their positioning on the court and the trajectory of the ball, SPORTSMANSHIP remains one of the most important values in the game.

Chet’s Rules of Engagement


  1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

  2. Pony up with a hand-hug

  3. Make solid eye contact


  1. Two to yourself and cross it over

  2. Respect the dojo!

  3. Be a warm-up friend not a warm-up foe


  1. Always watch the point

  2. Make calls with conviction

  3. Know the rules of the game


  1. No harassing the ref

  2. Keep the comments p..p..positive!

  3. Keep those emotions in check


  1. Win and lose with class

  2. Winner exits court last