Who is Chet Blitzer?

Born the son of a traveling bluegrass duo, Chet grew up a child of the road. His only possession for much of his young life was a Henkel squash racket, which doubled as the ice scraper for the family wagon. After being struck by lightning during a Topeka flash flood, Chet acquired the ability to smell fear, and literally taste victory. With nothing to his name but that Henkel, Chet set out to do the only thing that made sense: Become the greatest squash player of all time. Chet is a 14-time World Hardball Champion. For press inquiries, contact his personal assistant: Ashton Kutcher.

  • Quintessential 1980’s hardball squash professional

  • Won 14 consecutive World Championships

  • Best win: 1988 over Jansher Khan

  • Areas of Expertise: Sportsmanshipping, Speaking with Authority, Bald Eagles, Video Games

  • Spokesperson for US Squash

  • Star of award winning series “Sportsmanship Training Video Series”